GenXys Healthcare Systems™ supports Precision Medicine through partnership with Microsoft Azure™

February 27, 2023

GenXys provides the world’s most comprehensive precision prescribing solutions with embedded pharmacogenetics to solve one of healthcare’s biggest challenges: inappropriate (“trial-and-error”) prescribing. Adverse drug reactions are a top five cause of death in North America. Part of the reason that the GenXys Clinical Decision Support platform has been so effective is through the integration of Microsoft’s Azure IaaS (infrastructure as a service). Azure’s cloud environment is an enabler of health systems and their molecular labs of the future: the GenXys platform can support many thousands of clinicians around the world with country-specific patient and genetic database environments supporting local privacy, security, and storage rules. It also removes the limitations associated with on-premises hardware including degrading performance, application code base changes, and capability updates.

Trust Implied

Azure’s cloud solution utilizes industry best practices, including disaster recovery, as the backbone for the security and compliance they offer for all data management and services. Most notably, Azure is certified by HITRUST. HITRUST created and maintains the Common Security Framework (CSF), a certifiable framework to help healthcare organizations and their providers with their security and compliance in a consistent and streamlined manner. “Because of the sensitive nature of patient data, it is important to make sure that data storage is beyond reproach,” Fraser confirms. “Azure is a model for best practices, is widely trusted, and is a secure environment for the GenXys application and associated data.”

In addition to cloud security, Azure supports its clients through replicated physical servers if needed so there is never any downtime. This support is just another level of due diligence.


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