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TYDO INCUBATOR - “Thinking You Do” we care your ideas and improve your operations

  TYDO provides an ecosystem incubation platform for Start-ups. In cooperation with many business incubators and laboratories, we provide offline joint office, enterprise management consulting, entrepreneurship training, product export and other services for start-ups. Many exports tutors provide professional guidance to Start-ups and allow exports to endorse qualified companies trough effective courses.
  TYDO INCUBATOR sets up service center in Vancouver and Shanghai, in order to provide cross-border incubating, enlarging market size and seeking buyers for entrepreneurs. The IIC Club is a membership investment club which led by investment exports. In line with the principle of “attracting like-minded investors, making the wisest investments and investing in the wisest start-up companies”, the IIC Club provides seed funds, angel funds and venture capital to enterprises. The TYDO Wisdom Award” is set up by IIC Club to encourage and promote the spirit of innovation and to select and award qualified companies and individuals every year. The award will start from CAD10,000 and will increase year by year as the membership of IIC grows. All registered entrepreneurs or start-ups have the opportunity to win the award.
  Periodical online and offline events will help startups improve their business management skill and build effective network. “TYDO Future Life Talk” is a discussion panel video show created by TYDO, hosted by government and undertaken by media that bring innovators a new angel of vision. The goal is to effectively integrate all kinds of resources for entrepreneurs, build a credit evaluation system, and then build a network platform for them to grow naturally and healthily.
  TYDO – Think You Do. The common denomination behind all the ideas and projects we support are their commitment to change the world better.




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