Job need: Event Manager (full time)

October 31, 2018

Job need: Event Manager (full time)
岗位需求:活动助理 (全职)
LOCATION:  Vancouver  地点:温哥华

 “Thinking You Do” we care your ideas and improve your operations
TYDO provides an ecosystem incubation platform for Start-ups. TYDO INCUBATOR sets up service center in Vancouver and Shanghai, in order to provide cross-border incubating, enlarging market size and seeking buyers for entrepreneurs. We successfully raised $1.5 million for GenXys, a precision prescription company based at UBC. 
TYDO 初创企业孵化器,致力于为初创企业提供生态闭环平台服务。在温哥华和上海有分支机构,致力与促进双边合作,为初创企业扩展寻找国际买家。我们已经成功为GenXys这家建立在UBC科研基础上的精准处方软件公司,融到了150万加币。
Position Summary 职务简介 :
Key member of event team responsible for planning, organizing, and operating investors’ events and TYDO “Future Life”talks.
活动部主要成员,负责计划、组织和运营各种活动,包括投资者活动和TYDO “明日生活”对话。
Major Responsibilies  主要职责:
Report directly to VP and assist to make events plans and report 向公司副总汇报、编制活动计划和报告
View partners’ events and merge the schedule, select valuable events and remind VP to attend, or organize IIC current and potential members to attend.  随时关注合作伙伴天使投资和创新孵化器的相关活动,并进行活动时间表的合并,选择有价值活动,提醒副总参与,或组织公司投资俱乐部会员及潜在会员参加。
Design customized industry or investment tour program for China and Canada between two countries and design events for IIC members. 独立设计行业或投资考察团项目,吸引国内投资者到温哥华进行考察;独立设计投资俱乐部会员活动。
Assist TYDO TALKs operation, making rundown and onsite operating 协助TYDO TALKS的组织安排活动,规划流程及现场运营
Work with Associate VP to attend angel investment conferences and pitching events, record and analyze content, establish external network 与公司副总一同参加行业相关会议,进行记录和一同建立新的外部网络 
Assist to attract potential startups and investors’.  协助公司吸引创新企业入住和投资者。
Required Skills/Knowledge  必备技能/知识:
Excellent ability on compose report with using of Office software as PowerPoints, Excel, word, etc.  优秀的报告编写能力,熟练的使用Office的各种软件
Fluent bilingual in English and Mandarin  熟练的中英文能力
Be good at communication  良好的沟通能力
Team worker as well as work separately and goal orientate  能够与团队良好合作并能独立完成工作目标。
Events organization ability 活动组织运营能力
Bachelors Degree required in business and economy related major 
We Consider Applicants For All Positions On The Basis Of Merit, Qualifications And Business Needs, And Without Regard To Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Sex, Gender Identity, Age, Disability, Alienage Or Citizenship Status, Ancestry, Marital Status, Creed, Genetic Predisposition Or Carrier Status, Sexual Orientation, Veteran Status, Familial Status, Status As A Victim Of Domestic Violence Or Any Other Status Or Characteristic Protected By Applicable Federal, Province, Or Local Law.  我们考量申请者的是否合格基于对职务和商业的需要,不会对种族、肤色、原籍、宗教信仰、性别、年龄、身体状况、婚姻状况等有任何偏见。