Seed​ ​Funding

A key source of early stage risk capital for high potential businesses in the TYDO ecosystem.

The Seed Fund invests risk capital in new and innovative startups founded by TYDO ecosystem. These early investments are key in helping our startups build momentum in their businesses and serves as a bridge to additional outside investment. The seed fund was created through the TYDO Club.

Funding the Future of Innovation

Are you Eligible?

The fund is actively looking to invest in the most promising startups and emerging TYDO affiliated companies:
•At least one founder or chief manager is the current TYDO ecosystem
•New businesses based around research undertaken at TYDO

What do we look for?

Your start-up business might not be perfect but you have some identifiable, exceptional advantage. You might have a scientific breakthrough, intellectual property or a revolutionary business model. You have a good team in place, although it is likely still growing. You should know why your customers value your offering and be working with them to better scope your offering. Your venture may be known by TYDO and you may have participated in some TYDO Grow Your Startup ./td>

Pay it forward

The TYDO Seed Fund provides a unique opportunity to support innovation and enterprise at TYDO. The fund relies on TYDO about the potential for our startups to become world class companies underpinning a healthy economy and society. Our fund also benefits from the support of successful entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists who volunteer their time to oversee the investment evaluation and approval process and governance of the fund.